Join us in Prince George, Canada for the 7th International Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition.
Over the three days of the conference, held at the centre of one of the largest biomass fibre baskets in the world,
there will be many opportunities to learn more about the industry in British Columbia as well as the latest global trends
in fibre supply, sustainability, products, technology, policies and other drivers of the future bioeconomy.

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The conference runs through 3 days from 15 - 17 June, 2016.
Day 1
15 Jun 2016
Day 2
16 Jun 2016
Day 3
17 Jun 2016

WPAC Wood Pellet Safety Workshop

Join government and private sector experts discussing wood pellet safety from all angles. Check out the WPAC Safety Workshop Agenda.

Conference Official Welcome

  • Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall
  • Conference Co-Chairs Greg Stewart and Michael Weedon.

Executive Panel

A delegate favourite, the Executive Panel will see industry association executives engage in a wide-ranging and frank discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the bioenergy and bioproducts sectors in North America.
  • Gordon Murray, Executive Director – Wood Pellet Association of Canada
  • Michael Weedon, Executive Director – BC Bioenergy Network
  • Carrie Annand, Vice-President External Affairs – Biomass Power Association
  • Doug Hooper – Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group / Advanced Biofuels Canada

Plenary Session

An Industry in Transition: Global and Local Sector Overview
    Leading thinkers and business executives will provide a “big picture” view of shifts and trends in biomass markets across North America and into European and Asian markets.
    • Warren Mabee - Queen's Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy
    • William Strauss, President – FutureMetrics
    • Don Roberts, CEO – Nawitka Capital Advisors

Keynote Address – Afternoon

  • Jeff Rubin:
    • Former Chief Economist at CIBC World Markets
    • Author of The Carbon Bubble and The End of Growth

Panel Session

Bioenergy’s Contribution to the War on Climate Change
    In the wake of the Paris Accord, expert panelists will discuss the role biomass can play in supporting the new federal and provincial aspirations for a low-carbon future.
    • Michael Rensing - Ministry of Energy and Mines, Renewable Energy Development Branch
    • Susan Wood-Bohm – Alberta Innovates Biosolutions

Panel Session

Fibre Availability and Access: Challenges and Opportunities
    A “Forest Fibre Working Group” has been meeting for two years now to find a way through to a future that makes full and efficient use of available fibre in British Columbia, and balances the needs of all stakeholders. Tall order? Three members of the working group will be here to talk about the effort.
    • Doug Routledge, Vice-President – Council of Forest Industries
    • Rob McCurdy, CEO – Pinnacle
    • Dave Peterson, Assistant Deputy Minister – Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

Plenary Session

Pellets: Shifting Fibre Baskets, Shifting Markets
    Around the pellet world in 75 minutes. Industry experts and analysts will convene to discuss some of the key issues facing the pellet industry globally and domestically.
    • Fiona Matthews, Research Manager – Hawkins Wright – “Global Pellet Market Update”
    • Michele Rebiere, Chief Financial Officer – Viridis Energy – “International Pellet Competition”
    • Scott Bax, Senior Vice-President – Pinnacle Renewable Energy – “Considerations in Using Harvest Residuals as Pellet Feedstock”

Keynote Address – Morning

  • Jim Lane – Biofuels Digest

Plenary session

Finance and Investment
    One of the biggest challenges in any industry is making the leap from demonstration to commercial scale. This session will bring together panelists who have the scars and successes to show for long histories developing bioproducts facilities to commercial scale.
    • John May, Managing Director – Stern Brothers
    • John Williams, Senior Partner - S'Investec LLC
    • Jeff Passmore, Principal – Passmore Group

Plenary session

Local Project Deployment Success Stories
    One of the fundamental uses for biomass is as a community energy solution, providing energy and economic security and an alternative to expensive and carbon intensive fossil fuel energy systems. Hear from three parts of the continent that have successfully implemented small-scale energy systems, and how they can work in your communities.
    • Adam Sherman, Manager – Vermont Biomass Energy Resource Centre
    • UNBC Project

Plenary session

Evolution of Next Generation Bioproducts
    More and more companies are making breakthroughs in utilization across the biomass feedstock chain. Hear three stories of success in moving the needle on the next generation of bioproducts.
    • Martin Pudlas, Vice President, Operations - Canfor Pulp
    • Jeffrey Jacobs, President & CEO - Ensyn Corporation
    • Murray McLaughlin, Executive Director - Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Plenary session

Innovation of Technology in the Woody Biomass Sector
    The future is now. Technological breakthroughs are allowing more and more creative solutions to emerge, allowing companies to consider even greater opportunities for fuel switching using woody biomass. These industry pioneers will bring the latest information on what’s happening now, and what’s just around the corner.
    • Michael Lakeman - Boeing
    • Sam Weaver - Proton Power
    • Jerry Ericsson – Diacarbon

Industry Tour

Prince George Walking Tour – Join us for a tour of the Downtown District Energy System.